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I'm Marc Laros

Developer, Scrum Enthusiast, Consulting Nerd, and Technical Project Manager

  • Age 36
  • Address Noordeinde 53, 2514GC, Den Haag
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  • Phone +31 6 41 54 76 00
  • On Vacation available on a freelance basis

Hi there! My name is Marc Laros. I am a freelance developer, certified scrum enthusiast, project manager, and consultant. I have over 15 years of professional experience in IT, although I got my first computer over 30 years ago. I am well versed in numerous programming languages including C#, VB.NET, SWIFT and SQL. If you need a senior software developer, someone to run your development department or a product owner for your scrum team, I’m the guy to call!



Top 10 programming skills

C# 100%
VB.Net 100%
SQL 95%
JavaScript 90%
Objective C 80%
PHP 80%
Angular JS 75%
Lua 60%
Python 55%

Experience with

Microsoft Azure 100%
AWS 75%
Visual Studio 100%
Microsoft SQL Server since version 6.0 90%
GIT 90%
TFS/Visual Studio Online 80%
Agile/Scrum Development 90%
Project management 90%

Work Experience


Senior Developer/Consultant


January 1st, 2014, I started as a freelancer. One of my main projects has been working for easyHotel Benelux, developing their PMS, online booking engine and reporting systems.


Senior Software Developer/Technical Project Manager

Trilab B.V.

Being one of the founder of this company, Trilab has been a big part of my life. I started out as a developer in 2000, and slowly grew to be a technical project manager of a company with around 15 employees. Our work included projects for big multinationals, small local businesses and an array of in-company developed online services.


Software Developer

V3 Redirect Services

V3 was the first mainstream redirect service. Their goal was to make memorable URLs. boasted 4 million users at its peak in 2000. It's success was attributed to having a wide variety of short memorable domains including "", "", "" and "". I was part of a team of 4 software developers that engineered and maintained the systems. When V3 was sold to in 1999, this team became the founders of Trilab BV.


Application Engineer

Casema NV

As an application engineer, our team of 6 was responsible for the entire technical operation of this large Dutch Internet Service Provider. During my time there, I implemented a new NNTP system and was responsible for maintaining it.


Software Engineer

COD International

COD International was the first company I joined after my study in Information Technology. They posted workers with various clients, including ISP's, software builders and governments. I was posted at Casema NV, an ISP, about one week after I joined.



Certified Scrum Product Owner

Lithespeed, Herndon, VA, USA


Certified Google Partner

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Project Manager

ICM, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Information Technology

Polytechnische Faculteit, Breda, Netherlands



Scholengemeenschap 't Rijks, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands

My Clients


  • I worked with Marc on several projects. he takes time to understand the deeper implications of projects which I always appreciated. If something is a bad idea he is able to explain why exactly and I would accept his judgement. He won't shy away from a hard problem either...

    Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten CEO @ The Next Web
  • Over the past two years I have known Marc as a very knowledgeable technical architect/consultant. Marc's intentions are to not only be a 'supplier' of technical development work, but he also likes to position himself as a technical consultant. This is highly appreciated during periods of critical timelines and the various technical challenges at hand during one of the many projects we have worked on together.
    I personally recommend Marc to everyone who will work with him in the future.

    Vincent Rump Senior Strategy and Innovation Consultant @ Media Republic
  • have been fortunate to work with Marc and Trilab for 9 years. His technical insight and great team spirit has helped all projects over the past years to succeed with enormous results, ea, Jong Zuid and all AXE Unilever campaigns. “Nothing is impossible” seems to be his motto and he kept his promise always. Being part of the team he is the man, on call, 24 /7.

    Douwe Dirks CEO ai | Head of Marketing & Communication
  • Marc and Trilab, the company he co-founded, excell in thoroughness and quality in the development of their projects. Next they bring in may be their biggest assset: Flexibility. Because of the thorough knowledge of the projects involved and their flexibel attitude, Marc and his teams are capable to swiftly put the dots on the everchanging i's of the wishes of the parties they work for!

    Boudewijn Zeijlmans Director Business Development at cosine

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